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Completely supply of analysing systems or CEMS for in-line installation or in process shelter/cabinet construction.

Shelter with all equipment rated for hazardous area request, assembled specific to customer requirements in our facility by our experienced analyser technicians. Process analyser shelters fully equipped with:

  • Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning System complying with the hazardous area
  • Power distribution systems, Lightning, Grounding, Safety devices and Gas Monitoring Systems
  • Utilities headers
  • Analysers such as: Gas chromatographs, Flash Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, Vapour pressure, TOC, Moisture, Density, Chemical composition, Physical properties, NIR, FTIR, Sulphur etc

Our systems are based on the following major items

  • Sample take-off probes for installation on process lines
  • Sample pre-conditioning units (temperature and pressure control)
  • Fast-loop systems and pumping facilities in base of analysis cycle time
  • Sample conditioning systems designed for suitable flow, temperature, pressure and filtration values
  • PLC based safety control system
  • Sample recovery system

ASCO Products

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