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Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units

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the ASCO Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units

These automatic systems for continuous preparation and dosing of dry polymer are capable to produce between 200 l/h up to 10000 l/h of polyelectrolyte solution with a concentration adjustable between 0,1% and 0,5%.
Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units are assembled bringing the following components together.

Suitable for preparation and maturation of anionic or cationic polyelectrolyte solution is divided into two or three compartments with one or two mixers installed.

Sized to contain solid powder polyelectrolyte has a size of 70-130 or 250 l and includes motorized screw with manual adjustment for dosing of right quantity of powder into the preparation unit.

Water spray (min 2 barg) and dissolution unit is installed into the preparation tank to have the best prediluition of powder into water.

One or more ASCO high viscosity pumps are usually installed to dose the right quantity of solution duly prepared.

ASCO POLYCOMPACT PREPARATION UNIT are also suitable to work with emulsion instead of powder.
Materials: SS304 tanks and PP tanks are available:
ATEX solution on request.