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the ASCO Pump's Skid

Pump’s skids are used to transfer an accurate amount of chemical into a system at a required pressure either continuously or intermittently.
Pump’s skids are assembled bringing the following components together.

Galvanized Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel structures complete with drip pans are projected to accommodate tanks, pumps, instruments and auxiliaries.
Materials utilized: Painted Galvanized Carbon Steel Stainless Steel.

ASCO provide a wide range of pumps.
Dosing pumps,Centrifugal pumps, Gear pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, Screw pumps utilized according API 675 IIIrd ed. and reciprocating pumps according to API 674 Pump are the most common utilized pumps.

Each chemical injection skid is provided with set of valves and instrumentation for different operation and application.
The most common used instruments are: level gauges,pressure transmitters, flowmeters, pressure gauge etc.
Isolation valves and check valves are usually selected in full compliance with Piping Specifications.

Suction and discharge lines studied to give the best solution in terms of NPSHa and Fluid velocity are commonly provided with isolating,drain,check valves usually selected in full compliance with Piping Specifications.
Suction line are completed with Calibration Gauges and Discharge lines with Pulsation Dampers and Pressure Relief Valve to ensure the most safe operations.
Materials: SS304, SS316L, PVC-C, PP, PVDF, CS, CS PTFE coated, HAST-C.

All signals are terminated into skid mounted junction boxes.
All controls like pump running local/remote indication, local start/stop of the motor, remote start/stop of the motor, remote stop, Emergency stop of the complete system, process trip and any other controls can be implemented from local control panel.
All electrical components are certified as per the area classification requirements.

Pump's skid are suitable to operate in ATEX certified areas as well in Safe Zones.
Most Common Applications:
Corrosion Inhibitor, Antiscale, Antifoam, Hypochlorite injections, MEG injection, DEG Injection.